Monday, December 2, 2013

A Good Reason To Celebrate

Back when Jack was in the NICU, Bryce and I saw posters for the St. Mark's NICU reunion, and looked forward to attending with our little guy in the future.  For the first time this year, we received an invitation and were so excited to go.

The event was outside at the hospital, and many of the nurses and doctors from the NICU were there.  We even recognized a few from our short time there. 
Of course there were all kinds of activities.  Both boys got their faces painted:
And paid a visit to the clown who was making balloon animals.  Cole wanted a sword.  Sure, buddy, that looks exactly like....a sword.
The boys were very excited to "drive" the firetruck:
And they absolutely loved aiming and shooting water out of the fire hose.
As well as sitting in a fully equipped ambulance:
But for Bryce and I, it was a celebration of all that Jack has accomplished and a reminder that, without the amazing doctors and nurses, it could have been very different.  We saw many kids who hadn't been so lucky, and who had to continue to fight through physical therapy.  But, in some weird ways, it felt like seeing old friends.  Thanks, St. Marks, for getting us, and families just like us, through it!


Shay said...

Seriously, what is up with Cole's sword? Didn't they have regular sized balloons. Lol! So glad Jack is doing so well!

jenn said...

This is such a wonderful thing they do!! So happy for Jack and what a healthy little boy he is.