Sunday, October 24, 2010

Riddle Me This

Cole's newest thing is to answer your question in the form of the question. I had to put these into blog form before I forgot them! :)

Me: "How's breakfast?"
Cole: "Are you all done?"
Me, confused: "Um, yes. Mommy's done. Are you done?"
Cole: "Yes."

Me: "Cole, what are you up to?"
Cole: "Are you reading books?"

Me: "Cole, are you getting out all the toys?"
Cole: "Are you making a mess?"

Apparently, in our house, we ask too many questions and don't make enough statements. It's like a crazy form of Jeopardy!


Shay said...

So funny! I love how his questions actually answer yours questions.

Andrea said...

So funny. I just posted to my blog in this very same format then clicked over to see what you guys had been up to.

Great minds think alike. :)

David and Jacquee said...

That's awesome. What a little turkey.