Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Jack's 6th Birthday

Jack has been looking forward to his birthday since before Christmas, and it just couldn't come fast enough for him. He was definite in his desires for this year's birthday:
1) Chubby Puppy: This is one of those times I really hate children's TV. There is a play set called Chubby Puppy (sadly, no, this is not what they call me at the beach) that features puppies. You know. Chubby ones. Jack saw a stuffed Chubby Puppy at the toy store and it's been at the top of his list for weeks. Most of his stories feature a hero named Chubby.
2) The Aquarium: Jack loves the aquarium. He is always up for a visit. Good thing we enjoy it too.
3) Doughnut Cake: This is my personal favorite of Jack's requests. I think a new tradition has been born.
We love you Jack! Your imagination is incredible, your smile contagious, and your love of others beautiful. Happy Birthday!

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