Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On Being Happy - Right Now

I found out today that one of my friends was involved in a major accident.  I heard first that she was involved in a car accident, but no more specifics.  Then, as I was watching the news this morning, a ticker crawled by which said, "A woman is in serious condition after being hit by a car on I-80.  She was retrieving a bike that had fallen off of her car."  That's when I realized she wasn't in a car accident, she was hit by a car.  A car probably going at least 60 miles an hour.  Most likely while her kids watched.

Life is shitty sometimes.

Jen is in a coma, already having had two brain surgeries.  Her husband posted an update that she has many broken bones and other injuries, but that the brain swelling is of the most concern.

Many broken bones.

As I grow older, it becomes more and more apparent to me that life can change so quickly.  Sometimes I wonder if I will look back at my life right now and think, "Those were the good times.  That was before XYZ happened."  Mostly then, I just get really depressed and stop thinking about that.  But not today.  Today I am thinking a lot about that.  And today I decided a few things:

Today, I will enjoy my kids.  Enjoy them for the individuals they are.  I will be happy that they are healthy.  

Today, I will hold my husband's hand.  I will tell him I love him - not as my usual thoughtless response - but because I really mean it.

Today, I will appreciate my parents.  I will think of the memories they are building for my children and be grateful.

Today, I will give my house a hug.  I will work to make sure it is a place of safety, security, and love.

And that's it.  That's all that matters.  Tomorrow can bring what it will, because I know that, for today, it was good. 


Nancy Allen said...

Way to make me cry at work! What a beautiful message and one we should all remember. Life is short and for some even shorter. We never know when God wants to call us home, so we should cherish each day and make it special. I guess that is why I feel so strongly about seeing my family so often--one never knows what's around the corner. At least we know we will have life together in the hereafter. Love to you. Mom

Shay said...

Well said. I am a worrier as you know and I always feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop on my charmed life, but I completely agree with you on living in the moment and appreciating our lives right now. I also like what your mom said, it is a comfort knowing that this is not the end.

Cassie said...

How awful! I am so sorry about your friend. Please let me know if you need anything at all. Love you so much and a good reminder to be grateful for our lives and the joy they bring.

Josh and Anna said...

I heard about that on the news, what a terrible tragedy. Things like this sure make the little stresses that run our day to day seem not so important and help us realize everyday is truly a gift to be cherished.