Sunday, October 16, 2011

Love Those Birthdays!

Since Isak's birthday is the same week as Cole's, we decided to have a joint little party for them. They had a great time blowing out candles and exchanging gifts. (Cole did through a bit of a tantrum when Isak wouldn't watch the Mater Movie. I think his love of that movie borders on obsession.)We also followed our fall tradition of going to Silver Lake. We tried last week, and after 20 minutes of shoving strollers through the snow, gave up. Luckily, this week we had much better luck.


Nancy Allen said...

Cole makes us laugh--thanks for including us in his and Issac's party.

Shay said...

Love the last pic. What a cute family!

Cassie said...

Loving that Fall weather. Y

ou can't believe how different Utah looks after one week of being absent. I almost missed my favorite time of the year! So glad you could go up to the lake for the day and take in the scenery.