Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Birthday

I cannot believe that Cole is 3 years old! We love him so much and are very proud of him. Cole is doing great in school; is counting from 1-20 and learning his letters. He loves anything that has to do with trains and cars, and doesn't go anywhere without his cat, Gummy. According to Cole, here are his favorite things:

Favorite colors: Pink & Orange
Favorite game: Blockus
Favorite outside game: Golf
Favorite thing at school: Show and tell
I love to: Play with my Lightning McQueen cars and make them go "Kachow!"
Favorite movie: The Mater Movie (um, yah. He invites perfect strangers to our house to watch it.)
Happy Birthday, silly boy!


Shay said...

Happy Birthday buddy! He is getting so big, it seems like only yesterday you were bringing him home for the first time. (Man, I sound so old reminiscing)

Andrea said...

Happy birthday Cole!