Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 4th

We had a great time this past weekend, and hope you all did too!

Friday, we went swimming with Nana.Jack slept.Saturday, Bryce and I enjoyed a lovely evening out with dinner at The Wild Rose (delicious!) and a movie, followed by one whole night of uninterrupted sleep. Thanks, Mom & Dad!

Monday, we went to our neighbors for their annual children's bike parade. Cole was super excited and rode his bike like a champ.We had the fire truck there to kick things off:And cool things down:Amazingly enough, Jack slept.That night, we enjoyed having a BBQ with my parents and fireworks at the Rick's home. What a great holiday!


Mom of three ♥ said...

What a fun neighborhood party! Glad you had fun!

Cassie said...

Can't believe Jack slept through that! Love the picture of you all wet.... you look hot :)