Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cole's Amazing Memory

We have a book that we read occasionally to Cole at night called, "Over at the Castle." We just love this book (and it's companion, "Hush Little Dragon"). Anyway, there is a certain page that has a character of a girl on it, and every time Cole sees it, he gets a huge smile on his face, points at her, and says, "Mom-Mom!"

Tonight, we're driving home, and out of nowhere, Cole exclaims, "Catch da duck, Mom-Mom!" We keep trying to figure out what he is saying until we realize he is referring to the picture from this book:

Bryce and I couldn't stop laughing.

On a side note, this is what the text on that page says. I thought it was somehow fitting.

"Over at the castle, doing chore after chore,
Work the old trusty servant and her helper servants four.
"Hustle!" says the servant. "We hustle!" say the four.
So they work all day doing chore after chore."

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onceapickle said...

That's the best! So fun to catch a glimpse at what's going on in his head. Such a cute little boy.