Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Guests

Every year, we alternate whose house we go to for Thanksgiving. This year, it was the Thomsen's year for Thanksgiving. Bryce's mom had been feeling under the weather, and so we offered to have it at our house. Now, I've served Thanksgiving before, but it was to 8 of us. All in all, there would be 23 smushed into our little house. But we got creative with table placement, and we all fit! Everyone seemed to have a great time...
Left to Right: Anne's Dad, Anne, Brant, April, and Heather
Left to Right: Connie, Dick, Leslie, Rance, Darin, and Cindy
Kids Table! Hayden, Haley, Jack, Alex, Nathan, Lindsay, Andrea, Brock & Mitch

Especially the new addition to Leslie and Rance's family - Presley. Sorry y'all - he was my favorite dinner guest.

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