Wednesday, November 20, 2013

University Kids Harvest Carnival

Every year for Halloween, University Kids puts on a pretty awesome party.  (However, MUST we call it the Harvest Carnival?  Is Halloween really politically incorrect now?)  Each room has something fun for the kids to do, and all the kids absolutely love wearing their costumes throughout the day.

We started in the pinata room.  After about 20 kids, it quickly became apparent that the pinata was not going to come apart.  One of the teachers asked if one of the adults wanted a go, and we all looked at each other awkwardly.  Then I basically shoved Bryce into the middle of the room to do it.  He took care of that pinata once and for all.
Then he decided to wear the carcass of his victim as a hat.
The boys, of course, were superheros.  I mean, was there any question?
Jack enjoyed getting his face painted with the item of his request - a white star.
And Cole was spooky with his double-ghost look. 
As we left the school, I couldn't help marvel at the teachers and their ability to teach their way through the day, and then party all night.  These are some lucky kids!

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Shay said...

I LOVE Cole's spooky face! Your boys are so adorable.