Thursday, June 13, 2013

Look Who's Two!

We were very luck to be in St. George to celebrate Jack's 2nd birthday.  I cannot tell how much we love having Jack in our family.  Our favorite things about Jack are that he is:

A Fashionista (this boy sets his own rules)
A good little brother who wants to do absolutely everything Cole does
Did I mention stubborn?

We've also loved hearing him start to talk more and more over the past year.  He has an adorable little accent, and it can take some work to figure out what he is saying sometimes.  Here's our handy field-guide:

Da = Yah
Farp = Fart
Bru-ess = Brutus, his favorite dog
Man = Spiderman, Iron Man, or Batman.  Depends on the day.
Cakes! = Pancakes
Jack Drop Floor = I dropped something completely vital on the floor, and if you don't get it soon, madness will ensue.
Sad...Cryin' = How dare you make me go to bed?  Don't you know there are forts to be made?
Giraffe = Any dinosaur that has a slightly long neck.

I cannot believe the past two years have gone by so quickly.  I'm trying to remember these toddler moments - snuggling Jack in my lap as we read stories (last book, Mommy?), how he squeals and runs to us when we come to get him from school, and how he chases Cole around the house being the bad guy, laughing and nearly running into almost every item of furniture.  We love you Jack, and all the chaos, noise, and joy you bring to our home!

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Nancy Allen said...

What would we ever have done if we'd never known our little Jackster? We love him so much and he brings us great delight. Hope he never changes.