Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 3

We started bright and early on Friday at California Adventure. The big kids were able to do a quick ride on California Screamin before the lines got too big, and then we braved the line for Toy Story. 45 minutes. Was it worth it? comment.Thanks to Aunt Cindy, Bryce and I were able to go on Tower of Terror again. We spent quite a bit of time in California Adventure with Cole. Unfortunately, Bug's Land was really cute, but it would have been better if we had started there. The rides were a little smaller than the regular rides, so he was basically "Meh" about the whole thing. He did love the Jellyfish ride, and a few others over on the pier, so that was good. Later that afternoon, we went to Downtown Disney for a little shopping. It had been another long day, but we thought we could make it to the fireworks that night. We went back to Disneyland Park and tried to fill up the time. We rode the cars again...We made it over to Toon Town so Cole could "officially" ride his first roller coaster...And went on the Teacups. We knew we were pushing it as we were waiting in line and Cole said, "Why are we going on the teacups?" We tried to use the bribe of a treat to keep him awake, but the line (YES, another line!) to get a cookie was so long that this is what happened instead:
At last, we gave in. We rode the shuttle back to the hotel and fell into bed. The next morning, I woke up so excited to go back...only to realize it was time to go home! I truly believe that is the "magic" of Disney. Knowing that going back involves lines and lines of people and outrageous prices for only a few moments of awesome rush, and being totally excited to do it again.

We had a wonderful first trip with Cole, and I was so proud of how well he did. He was willing to try pretty much everything, which is really saying something for such a cautious kid. I think we'll have to give this whole traveling with kids thing another try!


Shay said...

Love the Jungle Boat ride pic! So funny! I am sure he loved having his cousins with him too. I am glad you had some fun and the bubble gun worked for you too! I totally agree with the lines being insane. It has been a year since the last time we went and it will probably be at least another before I can forget those lines!

Shay said...

P.S. - We have a "Toy Story Mania" Wii game and it is essentially that ride minus the wasted time in line (although I think when we went the wait was over an hour. :)

Cassie said...

Looks like you had a awesome trip! Glad you ran Cole ragged!

Lili said...

Love the Jubgle Boat pic-classic! Thanks for the posts, we'll definately be referring back to these when we plan our Disneyland trip!