Sunday, November 28, 2010


You know that feeling when you think you've got something down and come to the stunning realization you don't?

I hate that feeling.

I mentioned in my last post about Cassie's wedding. I didn't really mention that I did her wedding cake - and there was a reason behind that: it was not my best work.

It all seemed to be going so well - the night before, the cakes were perfect, square, and smoothly covered with fondant, just waiting to be put together. Cass's cake was a challenge because there was nothing around the bottom to cover the edges, so I had to cut them exactly. Well, do you know what happens when you cover a frozen cake and then that cake thaws? It shrinks - something I didn't factor in. I bet you can guess what happens to fondant that is hard when a cake shrinks.

The next morning, my smooth cakes had betrayed me - rippling and bubbling out on the sides, the edges ragged and uneven. The beautiful yellow details had faded to a dull brown as it had dried.

I sobbed the entire way to the wedding. I cringed every time someone stepped up to take a look. And I berated myself for failing when it mattered so much.

I've thought a lot about this since, and have come to the realization that this is one of life's lessons I needed to learn. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, things just don't work out. The perfect scenario you create in your head just doesn't come to be.

So, with my lesson learned, I present my leaning tower of cake. Despite it having it's share of problems - it was delicious. And when it comes to cake, that counts for something! :)


kelly_porter said...

This cake looks great to me! You are too tough on yourself.

onceapickle said...

It was way more than was BEAUTIFUL! You do realize that NO ONE ELSE would ever look at that cake and think there was one single thing wrong with it, right? I, like you, am my hardest critic. Especially when in comes to photography. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that and give myself a break. You too! :) Plus, Cass and Jonathan loved it, and that's all that matters.

You. Did. Great.

Cassie said...

You are the biggest nerd in the world right now!

I wish I could simultaneously punch you in the face and give you a giant huge. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ABOUT THE CAKE?

Yell... I loved it. I thought it was perfect and didn't see ONE THING WRONG with it. Not one! If you were beating yourself up- then it was just a waste of time. It was gorgeous and just what I wanted. I received many compliments on it since. And yeah, by the way, it was DELICIOUS! Beautiful on the outside, tasty on the inside.

I love you so much. Nerd.

Josh and Anna said...

From the pictures, the cake looks amazing! I know you always see the flaws when it's your own, but really, I think it looks great! You have such a great artistic eye, the way the petals are layed out is really really pretty.

Shay said...

I love the design. Very cool. I don't know what color it may have been originally, but I like the color it is. I think you are too tough on yourself. It looks amazing.

Andrea said...

It looked radiant. That's a word you don't hear everyday now is it. Once again I am awed. Good job.

Leslie said...

Haven't you heard - brown is the new yellow! I think your cake is just amazing! I am in awe of your gift for creating such beauty out of the same random ingredients that are in my pantry! Give yourself a break! However, it is nice to know that you do have some flaws, because you always seem so on top of everything to me!! Love you!

Nancy Allen said...

Ditto to all the above!!!! I'm afraid you take after your mom in the perfection department. We need to relax a bit, and just go with the flow! You are the best!

Heidi said...

It looks fabulous! I love the design as well, and even if the color wasn't what you were hoping for, it looks fantastic.