Thursday, September 9, 2010

Capitol Reef

Over the Labor Day weekend, Bryce, Cole, and I went camping with the Englishs' and Brown's. It was our first camping trip staying in a tent, and Cole did really well. In fact, he did overall pretty well, besides one or two meltdowns while hiking.Over the course of the trip, we played with bubbles:AftonLukeGathered apples from a nearby orchard:Ate more salsa by the spoonful:Played in the river:And did some good hiking:One of Cole's favorite games was to say what rocks looked like. This one was dubbed, "Frog." I can totally see it!Luke and Cole filled to the brim with 'Nilla WafersShan was my fellow picture-buddy on this trip - although her camera is WAY nicer than mine, and she's got mad photo skills.I mentioned Cole had some minor meltdowns - this little gem was when he refused to go in the backpack, so I had to carry him, sleeping, most of the way back to the car in the burning sun.This was also following a temper tantrum. Bless Shan and her fruit leather!The one and only picture I got of all the kids. This was moments before Cole grabbed a handful of Afton's hair. I'm pretty sure he was contemplating it in this shot.The ladies - haven't changed a bit since high school - right?And some various gorgeous red rock shots. (This trip made me miss Lake Powell more than I can say.)
It was definitely a lot of fun, and great to spend some time with such awesome families!

PS - Duchess did awesome on her first trip...although I think she was non-too-pleased with how dirty she got.


Strong Family said...

That looks like a fun trip. I'm keeping my ears and eyes open for good camping spots for next year. I will have to add this one to my list.

Mom of twins ♥ said...

Looks like fun! We took our kids camping this year for the first time and also slept in a tent and they did awesome! I thought for sure they would be up all night, since it was cold, but they slept better than Lance and I did. We were very happy and can't wait to take them again!

Shay said...

That was so fun! You have some great pictures there - minus the one of me, ug!

Cassie said...

I don't think you Shannon or Heidi have changed a bit. Not one ounce. Except the children and husbands, of course.

I am with you on the Red Rocks. No matter where I am in Southern Utah I think "This is beautiful. You know what would be perfect? If there was a giant lake in the middle of this... oh wait! This magical place exists!"